About ESTO

The European Synthetic Turf Organisation is an association formed to ensure quality turf and to provide information that can help clients and end-users find the most appropriate solutions in synthetic turf systems.

ESTO is uniquely positioned for research/universities, end users (clubs, leagues, sports governing bodies) and trade. ESTO is an organisation that brings everyone together to discuss, debate, research and develop the future of synthetic turf.

ESTO is a non-profit organisation and offers neutral and unbiased information for the promotion of synthetic turf, enhancing its numerous advantages and benefits. ESTO is a forum for all parties to meet and to facilitate communication along the business chain, from manufacturers to architects, installers, contractors, test institutes and particularly to the end-users.

ESTO is actively contributing to standardisation in order to improve test methodology and continuously strive for transparent and consistent harmonisation of the requirements for the large variety of sports performances.