Juta a.s.

The Jutagrass® is a registered trademark of Juta company engaged in the manufacturing and sale of artificial grass. The Jutagrass® was founded in 2008 and since that time has become an important and respected player in the global arena of artificial grass producers having its activities in 22 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The backbone of Jutagrass® production consists of six product groups: Football, Sport surfaces, Golf, Playgrounds, Landscape and Interiors.

Jutagrass® manufactures all components of the artificial turf: backing and fibers which are treated by wrapping, twisting and doubling. From such processed fibers produces yarn which then tufts and coats until comes into the final grass. Required product quality is constantly checked in own laboratory, where are also met information from industry experts, people of sport sector, customers and our workers and engineers. Jutagrass® is independent of external suppliers. This fact represents clear advantage of quality control, price control, flexibility in response to demand, delivery shortening time and holding unique know-how of whole process resulting in innovation, new technology and rapid response to market demands.

Key People

Jaroslav Buda
Unit Managing Director

+420 602 704 301

Marek Jechumtál
Sales Manager

+420 702 200 491

Juta a.s. – Jutagrass production unit 15
Na Borkach 89
544 01 Dvur Kralove nad Labem
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 499 314 567

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